403(b) Contribution Limit Calculation (Pro Edition)

    2023     2024


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       Give only partial credit for years you worked part-time or only part of the year. NOT required if less than 15 years.

   If you worked less than full-time, or less than a full year, for the tax year in question:  (if not, skip these 2 questions)
           If part-time, include compensation from this year plus enough prior service to equal one full-time year.

   About previous contributions to this employer's 403(b) plan(s). SKIP if you have less than 15 years of service.
           INCLUDE pre-2002 Section 457 contributions. EXCLUDE Age 50+ catch-up contributions.

   Check below if you have used special "catch-up" limits with ANY employer


   If the employer makes NON-matching contributions, or you are REQUIRED to contribute, to a 403(b) plan:
   If the employer makes MATCHING contributions to a 403(b) plan:

   If ANY employer offers a 401(k) or other Defined Contribution Plan, other than a 457 plan:
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